After Sale Services

Nowadays, enlargement of competitive markets throughout the world and its influence on the economics of countries, and focus of manufacturing and service companies on the importance of providing better services have doubled the necessity to design and manufacture integrated mechanized systems for after-sales services. The aim of after-sales services department is to provide organized services with competitive quality and price, to accelerate services and to standardize them with concern to the diversity and enhancement of products’ technology, to make relations with clients by indicating the problems, points of view and customers’ demands in order to improve services with commitment to supply customers’ requirements at Mapta Co.  After-sales services are one of the most important commitments manufacturers must provide for their clients. These services are provided and managed since goods are delivered or services are provided to clients. It is of great importance for after-sales services department to control and record data for each client (from the kind of purchased product or received services to the date and type of contract…), to allocate some identifications such as membership number, invoice number, contract number, guarantee card…and to manage provided services due to mentioned identifications. We believe that innovation in methods and the quality of provided services can improve customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, Mapta Co. works by means of an automatic system of after-sales services while reducing human interference in these activities and any possibility of mistakes or slow performance.

After sale