Waste Water Treatment System -Livestock Dairy Farms

Traditional dairy farms were rapidly replaced by modern industrial ones by approaching the technology era and by increasing demand on food for growing population of the world. This industry has turned into one of the most important and profitable ones throughout the globe.

Our country has been no exception either and developments in livestock productions, in comparison to other countries, justify the fact. However, like other industries, the production procedure produces some waste material whose disposal, in accordance with regulations of Iran Environmental Organization, is among the main concerns of producers.

One of these waste materials is the slurry in dairy farms. In order to design an efficient waste water treatment system, it is of primary importance to check the place where water is used and the wastewater is produced in each section. Then, regarding the quality and quantity of the produced waste water and the amount of required treatment, the final design of wastewater treatment plant will be prepared.

Industrial dairy farms are considered as one of the most polluting industries. For example, in some cases, the amount of COD (one of the parameters of pollution) in waste water is more than 35,000 ppm, while the standard value by the Environmental Organization is 100 ppm. Also, the amount of particles may reach 10,000 ppm, while the standard value is 200 ppm. So, this industry is in high demand of establishing wastewater treatment plants. However, it should be noticed that some equipment used for separating manure and water (separators) substantially change the physical characteristics of waste water in dairy farms. So, the waste water is categorized as a special one, for which innovative treatment methods are required.    

The place for water usage and production of waste water in dairy farms:

Regarding the place for water usage in industrial dairy farms, waste water is produced in different qualities and quantities. Considering the way livestock manure is collected, main uses of water in dairy farms are categorized as below:

·         Drinking water for livestock

·         Water for washing the milking system

·         Water for fogger system

·         Water for washing calf boxes and maternity area

·         Water for washing animal stalls and water troughs

Water used in these areas and the wastewater of dairy farms should be refined in treatment systems, in accordance with regulations of Iran Environmental Organization, in order to be used for washing livestock housing  and for agricultural products.

Now, Mapta Company is ready to implement waste water treatment plants and biogas installations in dairy farms throughout the country and to offer technical services hereto.